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President's Fleet Review 2022 - Visakhapatnam


FDC with Visakhapatnam cancellation

Date of Issue: February 21, 2022

India Post issued a commemorative stamp of Rs.5.00 denomination on the occasion of President's Fleet Review held at Visakhapatnam.

President Ram Nath Kovind

President Ram Nath Kovind conducted the Fleet Review off the Visakhapatnam coast in the Bay of Bengal. As many as 60 ships and 55 helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft participated in the mega event.

As the Supreme Commander of our armed forces, every President of India reviews the Indian Naval Fleet once during their term.

The Fleet Review is aimed at assuring the country of the Indian Navy’s preparedness, high morale and discipline.

This is the 12th Fleet Review and the theme was ‘Indian Navy - 75 years in Service of the Nation’, commemorating the Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

After a 21-gun salute and ceremonial guard of honour, the President embarked on the Presidential Yacht, INS Sumitra - an indigenously built naval offshore patrol vessel. Received by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Chief of Naval Staff Admiral R Hari Kumar, Kovind sailed past 44 ships anchored in four columns in the Bay of Bengal and received the ceremonial salute from each of them.

The crew of each ship presented a salute with the traditional ‘Three Jais’, a symbolic act called “Man and Cheer Ship,” in a demonstration of the unconditional allegiance of Navy personnel to the country and the Supreme Commander.

Along with the ships, there was a Parade of Sails, comprising two Laser Bahia, six Enterprise Class and six Indian Naval Sailing Vessels Mhadei, Tarini, Bulbul, Hariyal, Kadalpura and Neelkanth.In addition to the naval warships, ships from the Indian Coast Guard, Shipping Corporation of India and Ministry of Environment Sciences also participated in the review.

Marine Commandos (Marcos) from the Special Operations unit INS Karna on the eastern seaboard, performed combat free-fall water jumps from the Para Dornier aircraft over a designated drop zone from a height of 6,000 feet.

The President also witnessed demonstrations in the form of a composite flypast by 55 aircraft including Chetaks, ALH, Sea Kings, KAMOVs, Dorniers, IL-38SD, P8I, Hawks and MiG 29K.

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Special Cover - INS Ganga (F22) - Decommissioning - 2018

Date of Issue: March 21, 2018

India Post, Maharashtra & Goa Circle issued a special cover to commemorate Decommissioning of INS Ganga, which served the nation for 33 Glorious Years.

INS Ganga (F22) was a Godavari-class guided-missile frigate of the Indian Navy. Built in Mumbai by Mazagon Dock Limited, she was commissioned into the Indian Navy on 30 December 1985. The ship completed her post-commissioning trials in a record time of three months and joined the Western Fleet in mid April 1986.  She was retired from active service on 28 May 2017, and was decommissioned on 22 March 2018.

The badge / emblem depicts River Ganges flowing through mountain ranges.

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Special Cover - Indian Naval Signal School, Kochi - Diamond Jubilee (1958-2018)


Date of Issue: March 14, 2018

India Post, Kerala Circle issued a special cover to commemorate Diamond Jubilee of Indian Naval Signal School located in Kochi.

Click Here to view special cover issued for Golden Jubilee of Indian Naval Signal School, Kochi.

The crest depicts two crossed hand flags and radio waves, to show Visual Signalling and Wireless
Communication.  The motto in Sanskrit reads 'Yunjan Chakshu, Shrotram Manaha' meaning 'Open your Eyes, Ears, and Mind."

The  first signal school was established as a temporary establishment, at Carnac Bunder in 1919. It was converted into a permanent establishment in 1920 inside Naval Dockyard. In 1939, the school was commissioned as HMIS Talwar and was relocated to a permanent building in Colaba which is now the MT Pool.  The school was shifted to Cochin in August 1946. During the years that followed the signal school was housed successfully in several temporary buildings around the present Command Parade Ground.

The role of signal school is to develop highly qualified personnel with requisite expertise in Naval Communication, Electronic Warfare, and Information Warfare by keeping abreast of changing technological environment with sound technical knowledge and professional acumen so as to optimally exploit the naval communication, electronic warfare equipment, procedures, and network enabled information structure.


Special Cover - Maritime Warfare Center, Kochi - Diamond Jubilee (1957-2017)


Date of Issue: July 05, 2018

A special cover issued by India Post, Kerala Circle to commemorate 60 Years (Diamond Jubilee) of Maritime Warfare Centre, Kochi. The cancellation resembles the design of the crest, of a chessboard and a seahorse as pawn representing the role of the school, i.e. training ground for maritime warfare and tactics.

The Maritime Warfare Center, Kochi is one of the premier institutions of Indian Navy for maritime warfare and tactics. Its vision is to enhance navy-wide knowledge base in applied tactics and operational art to assure effectiveness across the spectrum of maritime warfare. It's mission is to become a global level centre of excellence in maritime warfare through highest quality of ab-initio training specialist level education, command at sea consolidation and tactical analysis cum wargaming.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Ships on Banknotes: Tunisia 2013 - 5 Cinq Dinars

Country: Tunisia
Year: 2013
Denomination: 5 Cinq Dinars
Issued By: Central Bank of Tunisia / Banque Centrale de Tunisie

Reverse side showing ancient Carthaginian / Phoenician type sailing vessels, 3 types.

One more ship seen in front side, bottom left; and also one on the silver security thread.


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Singapore - India Maritime Bilateral Exercise - 25th SIMBEX

Date of Issue: November 19, 2018

25th SIMBEX - Singapore India Maritime Bilateral Exercise

The 25th edition of SIMBEX, “Singapore-India Maritime Bilateral Exercise” is scheduled to be held from November 10- 21, 2018 in the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

The 2018 edition marks the silver jubilee of SIMBEX.  To mark the historical occasion, the navies of both nations are undertaking exercises over an extended geography.

Indian Fleet
The Indian Navy is being represented this year by the Ranvir class destroyer – INS Ranvijay, two Project 17 multirole stealth frigates – INS Satpura and INS Sahyadri, the Project 28 ASW corvette - INS Kadmatt, the Project 25A missile corvettes, INS Kirch, the OPVs INS Sumedha and INS Sukanya, the Fleet Support Ship, INS Shakti, a Sindhughosh Class submarine, INS Sindhukirti, the P8I Long Range Maritime Patrol and ASW aircraft from INAS 312, Dornier 228 Maritime Patrol aircraft from INAS 311, Mk 132 Hawk AJTs from INAS 551 and integral helicopters such as the UH3H, Seaking 42 B, Seaking 42C and Chetak utility helicopters.

Singaporean Fleet
The Singapore Navy is being represented by two Formidable Class stealth frigates - RSS Formidable and RSS Steadfast, one Littoral Mission Vessel - RSS Unity, two Missile Corvettes, RSS Vigour and RSS Valiant, an Archer class Submarine, RSS Swordsman, ‘Swift Rescue’ a Deep Sea Rescue Vehicle (DSRV), a Fokker F50 maritime reconnaissance aircraft, embarked S70B helicopters and Scan Eagle unmanned aerial systems. 

Key Highlights
• The 2018 edition of the bilateral maritime exercise will be the largest edition since 1994 in terms of scale and complexity.
• The initial harbour phase will be held at Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands from November 10-12, which will be followed by sea phase from November 12-16 in the Andaman Sea. 
• The second harbour phase will be held from November 16- 19 at Visakhapatnam – ‘the City of Destiny’. 
• The harbour phase would include programmes such as a silver jubilee commemoration ceremony, various professional and training interactions, 10 Km ‘Friendship Run’ during the Annual Vizag-Navy Marathon, social evening and joint cultural programmes to commemorate the 25th anniversary. 
• The final sea phase would be held in the Bay of Bengal from November 19-21. 
• The SIMBEX 2018 will witness a diverse range of exercises at sea ranging from live weapon drills including multiple missile firings, Heavy Weight Torpedo (HWT) and medium range gun/ anti submarine rocket firings, advanced Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) exercises, submarine rescue demonstrations, integrated Surface and Anti-Air Warfare (AAW), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operations and cross deck helicopter flying among others.

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