Friday, July 22, 2011

Icebreakers of Finland

Finland Issued set of four stamps on September 07, 2005 on Icebreakers. These are the official Maxi Cards. Thanks to my swap friend, Mr. Holger Kaufhold for these cards.

The four icebreakers depicted on stamps are Urho, Otso, Fennica and Botnica. The ships represent the last three generations of Finnish icebreakers. Each stamp shows the name and building year of the icebreaker, and also the name and building year of the sister ship. The four stamps illustrate the 24-hour operation of the Icebreakers in - evening, night, morning and day respectively.

The oldest of the vessels is the icebreaker Urho. Otso was built in 1986. The ship is more modern in terms of technology and in particular more cost effective than Urho. Fennica, built in 1993, is the first multipurpose icebreaker in Finland. In the winter the multipurpose icebreakers sail in domestic icebreaking duties.
In the summer they have offshore duties in the service of international oil and gas industry. The newest of the ships depicted on the stamps is Botnica. It was built in 1998 with advanced multipurpose icebreaker technology.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Philippine Independence Centenary (1898 - 1998)

Date of Issue: June 03, 1998
Scott #: Stamp - 2079, SS - 2080

Philippines got independence from Spain on June 12, 1898. To commemorate 100 years of independence, Philippines, Mexico (former Spanish Colony), and Spain jointly issued stamps. The stamp and souvenir sheet here are issued by Mexico.

The stamp design of 3.40p shows an ancient sailing Galleon and flag of Mexico, whereas the stamp on souvenir sheet shows flags of Mexico and Philippines.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Malaysia - China Relationship 600th Anniv (1405 - 2005)

Date of Issue: July 21, 2005
Scott #: 1036-1039; SS - 1040

Malaysia issued this set of four stamps and a souvenir sheet to commemorate 600 years of relationship with China.  My opinion is that this stamp issue coincide with the 600 years of Zheng-He's voyages.

Designs on stamps:
30sen - Chinese Chop
30sen - Ancient Chinese ship
50sen - Malaysian and Chinese men talking
1RM  - Decorated plate
2RM  - Ornament and coin.

Click here to view all stamps and materials in my collection regarding Zheng-He's Voyages.

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