Wednesday, January 28, 2009

650 Years of Hanseatic Cities

This is a Joint Issue between Germany and Sweden.

In 1356, representatives of several commercial cities meet in Lubeck, agree on a common strategy to enforce their trade interests against regional rulers to understand. This meeting is now a foundation of the Hanseatic League of Cities considered. Their main trade routes covered by London and Bruges to Reval (now Tallinn in Estonia) and Novgorod (Russia) over the North and Baltic Sea region. But many inland cities such as Cologne or Halle an der Saale were trading ring. In its heyday (until 1400) 200 cities joined the Hanseatic cities under the leadership of Lubeck.

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Date of Issue: September 07, 2006

Technical Description:
Text: Joachim Rieb, Chemnitz
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