Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Old Sailing Ships

Date of Issue: May 24, 1973
Scott #: 340a

This souvenir sheet has four stamps with designs of old sailing ships. Since there is sufficient information about all the ships in the sheet, I just reproduce them.

H.M.S. Saint Lucia: The French Ship - Enfant Prodigue was patrolling off St. Lucia at the time the island was being occupied by the British. This ship was captured by Sir Samuel Hood's squadron on 24 June 1803 and was renamed as HMS St. Lucia.

H.M.S. Prince of Wales: This is Admiral Sir Samuel Barrington's flagship in 1778 when St. Lucia was once more captured from the French. Admiral Count d'Estaing launched a vigorous attack on the British Fleet but, on being repulsed for the second time, he was obliged to retire in confusion.

Oliph Blossom: This merchantman, more correctly known as the Olive Branch, was on her way to the Guianas in 1605 when, due to prevailing winds and unskillful navigation, was forced to call at St. Lucia.

H.M.S Rose: On 26 February 1762, Admiral Rodney detached a reinforcement from his squadron and despatched it to St. Lucia under the command of Hon. Commander Hervey. HMS Rose was a unit of the invading force that captured the Island from the French.


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