Sunday, April 11, 2010

Battle of Vuelta de Obligado on Argentine 20 Pesos banknote

Design first issued: 1992

Thanks to swap pal from Argentina - Mr. Pablo Javier Boyero for this wonderful banknote which depicts a battle scene.

The naval Battle of Vuelta de Obligado took place on the waters of the Paraná River (second-longest river in South America, after the Amazon) on November 20, 1845, between the Argentine Confederacy, under the leadership of Juan Manuel de Rosas, and an Anglo-French fleet. From the battle it was proved that it was practically impossible to sail Argentine rivers without the authorization of Argentinian authorities.

The Battle of Obligado is remembered in Argentina on 20 November, which was declared "Day of National Sovereignty" in 1973.

Click here to know about the battle in detail at Wikipedia.

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