Thursday, May 6, 2010

Seng Yu Proverbs III

Date of Issue: June 01, 2009

This MS was the third in the series of Seng Yu Proverbs, which are considered stories / fables, which gave rise to the Chinese idioms, are a valuable cultural heritage of China. For centuries, these have been applied in the daily life of people, giving an oral literary sense, thus revealing a deep popular wisdom.

Story behind the stamp - Mark the boat for the dropped sword:

Long, long ago, in Chunqu Dynasty of ancient China, a man from Chu state dropped his beautiful well-set sword into the water because of the shake from the boat while he was in the middle of the river ."Oh, God." He cried in dear pity. "What can I do ?" On hearing that, the boatman replied calmly "It doesn't matter. I'm coming to dive for it." But the man from Chu hesitated for a while and said "We can't do that because the water is rapid and deep. But I have a marvelous idea." With these words, he took out his knife and made a mark on one side of the boat where his sword was dropped. "Well, everything is done! " When the boat stopped at the opposite bank, the man undressed himself immediately and dove into the water for his sword from the very place where he had made the mark. Of course, he got nothing. Finally he appeared in the water and murmured: "What's happening? why can't I find my sword from the water just under the mark? " Laughter burst from the passengers.

The conclusion/moral of the story: Man should not stick stubbornly to his own opinion, instead he should make changes according to specific conditions.

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