Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spice Race: Jakarta - Amsterdam

Date of Issue:
Set of three stamps: March 12, 1980 (Scott: 1067 - 1069)
Souvenir Sheet 300r: March 12, 1980 (Scott: 1069A)
Souvenir Sheet 500r: May 06, 1980 for London 1980 Stamp Exhibition. (Scott: 1069B)

postmark in FDC: cloves with leaves

60r  -  Penisi: Penisi sailing ships were used by sailors from South Sulawesi in their sea voyages for transportation of agricultural produce.
125r -  Ship made of cloves.
150r -  Madurese boat: used by sailors from Madura

Souvenir Sheet 500r: world map showing spice trade routes and London 1980 logo.

In tracing the navigation of spice transportation from Indonesia, the Nedlloyd Shipping Company - organized a shipping race from Jakarta to Amsterdam. Sailing ships from Australia, France, Singapore, U.K., and The Netherlands participated in the race.

To commemorate this event, Indonesian Postal Administration issued a set of three stamps and a souvenir sheet of the sailing ships that were used in long distance sailing.

Spices launched the Age of Exploration and drove the European explorers to the Spice Islands of Eastern Indonesia in the 16th century. This led to the great Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and British Empires of the East. Which spices and why were they so important? Click here to read entire history.

Source: Scott stamp catalog, information brochure inside FDC, murnis.com

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