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President's Fleet Review, Mumbai 2011

Date of Issue: December 19, 2011

Fleet Review: A fleet review is a traditional gathering of ships from a particular navy to be observed by the reigning monarch or his or her viceroy, a practice allegedly dating back to the 15th century. Such an event is not held at regular intervals and originally only occurred when the fleet was mobilized for war or for a show of strength to discourage potential enemies.

However, since the 19th century they have often been held for the coronation or for special royal jubilees (indeed, since Edward VIII it has been regularly held at each coronation, though the one scheduled in the United Kingdom for Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee was cancelled due to costs. Also, since the 19th century, fleet reviews increasingly often include delegates from other national navies.

President's Fleet Review, India:  The President of India is entitled to inspect his/her fleet, as he/she is the supreme commander of the Indian Armed Forces. The first President's fleet review by India was hosted by Dr. Rajendra Prasad on October 10, 1953. President's reviews usually take place once in the President's term. In all, ten fleet reviews have taken place, including in February 2006, when former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam took the review. The latest, on December 20, 2011, when President Pratibha Patil set sail in a warship INS Subhadra (P51) to take the 10th Fleet Review.

Presidents Dr Zakir Hussain, N Sanjiva Reddy and Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma did not review the fleet during their tenure.

India Post issued a set of four stamps and a First Day Cover to commemorate this historic event. I would like to thank my friend Mr. Amit Surana, Mumbai for helping me to get the FDC with Mumbai postmark, where the event held.

The first stamp shows, I think an Indian Coast Guard boat. (blog readers are welcome if they know more details).

The other stamps show MiG-29 fixed-wing aircraft, INS Shivalik (F47), and INS Sindhuvijay (?) (S62)

Text Source: Wikipedia

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