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9th Asian Sailing Championship (1999)

Date of Issue: September 28, 1999
Scott #:  929

The Asian Sailing Championship launched in 1981, is held every alternate year. Pakistan had the privilege to host the 9th Asian Sailing Championship from September 24-30.

Five major international classes have extensively sailed in Pakistan.

Enterprise: a British design boat which is famous for having Blue sails. Two persons are required to sail the boat. It is a national class.
470 A: a French boat which is 470 CM long. It has three sails and require two persons to sail. It is an Olympic class.
Laser: a single handed British boat. It is an Olympic class.
Mistral: An extremely difficult to handle Olympic class, the boat comes under the category of surfing boards.
Optimist: An international boat being the most popular class amongst children. The class was started in 1988 by Pakistan Sailing Federation. This is a boat for children under 15 years of age.

Many thanks to my swap friend, Mr. Patrick Liang, Pakistan for this nice stamp strip on envelope.

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