Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hanseatic Days in Luneburg - special postmark

Date of Issue: June 30, 2012

32nd International Hanseatic Days was celebrated at Luneburg, Germany during June 28 - July 1, 2012. A special postmark was brought out by Luneburg Stamp Collectors Club, showing a cog (is a type of ship that first appeared in the 10th century, and was widely used from around the 12th century on. Cogs were generally built of oak, which was an abundant timber in the Baltic region of Prussia. This vessel was fitted with a single mast and a square-rigged single sail. These vessels were mostly associated with seagoing trade in medieval Europe, especially the Hanseatic League, particularly in the Baltic Sea region) and wooden barrels.

The Hanseatic City of Luneburg is a town in the German state of Lower Saxony. It is located about 45 km (28 mi) southeast of fellow Hanseatic city Hamburg. It lies on the river Ilmenau, about 30 kilometres (19 mi) from its confluence with the Elbe. The river flows through the town; it was formerly traversed by cogs taking salt from the town to the other, larger ports of the Hanseatic League nearby.

Thanks to friend, Mr. Wolfgang Beyer for the envelope.

Text Source: Wikipedia

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