Monday, November 12, 2012

Titanic - Personalized stamp from Finland

Received this interesting cover last week, thanks to my friend, Kristiina from Finland.

The special postmark in the design of porthole window was issued during the event - Helsinki Stamp Fair 2012 conducted on October 28th.  It is the largest annual philatelic event in Finland. It attracts thousands of collectors. The Helsinki stamp fair 2010 is arranged by the largest stamp company in Finland; Suomen Filateliapalvelu oy – Philatelic service of Finland.

Finland Post offers its customers to print personalized stamp and one such stamp is on this envelope with image of Titanic to commemorate its century. The other stamp showing a passenger ferry (the design taken from the old posters inviting foreigners to the lake district Saimaa) is this year's Europa theme - Visit... to promote tourism.

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