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Sacred Mayan Journey - Mayan Canoe

Date of Issue: December 21, 2012

Sacred Mayan Journey - The project of the Sacred Mayan Journey was founded with the purpose of recovering one of the most significant traditions of the ancient Mayan people of the region: the ritual journey of the Cozumel Channel to worship the Ix Chel. Goddess. This event began in 2007 to revive interest in the Mayan culture and strengthen the cultural identity of people of the area.

The Sacred Mayan Journey involves approximately 50 kilometers (total return), representing 6 to 7 hours of free paddling each way in the Cozumel Channel, which is 420 meters deep with a current from south to north 2 to 4 knots, adding to the crossing a level of risk and great physical effort for the rowers.

The set of three stamps produce a single design depicting traditional canoe used by the Mayan people of southeastern Mexico and parts of Central America.

Thanks to friend, Cecy Osuna from Hermosillo, Mexico for sending me the mint set of stamps and stamps on envelope.

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