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Centenary of Underwater Weapon / Submarines - 1915 - 2015

Date of Issue: February 20, 2015

The submarine weapon was created by Act of February 17, 1915, signed by Alfonso XIII, and known in the history of the Spanish armada as Miranda Act, having been proposed by the Minister of Marine and Admiral Augusto Miranda and Godoy. The law authorized the construction of 28 submarines, and several
surface ships, and to give more speed to the launch of the naval program allowed the purchase of four submersible abroad, having built the remaining 24 in Spain. It also provided for the organization of the service in submarines, with official body, machinists, foremen and other subordinate staff, and authorized staffing needed for the teachings and practices of personal material.

In the stamp are displayed submarines S61 (Dolphin Class) and S71 (Galerna Class), and the slogan 'Utrumque Paratus' (prepared for everything), on the shield of the centenary of the flotilla, and small flags "b" and "z" - international maritime signal flags.

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