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Fyodor F. Ushakov - Mediterranean Cruise - Bicentennial

Date of Issue: February 19, 1999
Scott #: 6495

Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov (1744 - 1817) - Russian naval commander and admiral.

This Souvenir Sheet issued to commemorate the Bicentennial of the success of Ushakov's Mediterranean expedition.

In 1799, Ushakov was promoted to full admiral and sent to the Mediterranean to support Suvorov's Italian campaign. During this expedition, Ushakov single-handedly carved out the Greek Republic of Seven Islands.

Distinguishing features of Ushakov's tactics were the using of unified marching and fighting orders, resolute rapprochement with the enemy forces on a short distance without evolution of a fighting order, a concentration of the basic efforts against flagships of the enemy, reserve allocation (Kaiser-flag squadrons), a combination of aim artillery fire and maneuver, chasing the enemy up to its full destruction or capture. Giving great value to sea and fire training of staff, Ushakov was the supporter of generalissimo Suvorov's principles of training of sailors and officers. Ushakov's innovations were the one of the first successful development of naval tactics from its "line" to maneuvering concept.

The picture at the right shows the statue of Ushakov at Saransk.

Maneuver used by Ushakov in Battle of Cape Kaliakra (1791) was also successfully used by British vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson in Battle of the Nile (1798) and Battle of Trafalgar (1805.)

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