Tuesday, April 7, 2009

HMS Resolution (1774)

Date of Issue: 1967-68
Scott #: 100

HMS Resolution was a sloop of the Royal Navy, and the ship in which Captain James Cook made his second (1772 - 75) and third voyages (1776 - 79) of exploration in the Pacific. She impressed him enough that he called her "the ship of my choice", and "the fittest for service of any I have seen."

Captain James Cook discovered Norfolk Island on October 10, 1774, during his voyage of exploration in the Resolution.

On 17 January 1773, Resolution was the first ship to cross the Antarctic Circle and crossed twice more on the voyage.

On Cook's third voyage, Resolution crossed the Arctic Circle on 17 August 1778, and again crossed it on 19 July 1779, under the command of Charles Clerke after Cook's death.

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