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Borobudur Ship Expedition

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Date of Issue: September 17, 2005
Scott #: 2081e

The idea of this expedition was by Mr. Philip Beale of British Navy who visited the Borobudur Temple, a 9th century Mahayana Buddhist monument in Central Java, Indonesia, on November 08, 1982. He was charmed by the beauty of the relief of the ship engraved on the walls of the temple. After returning back to his country, he was curious about this ship relief and searched for clues regarding this ancient ship and found that the early Indonesians have carried out cinnamon trading to as far as Madagascar, and Ghana.

He wanted to trace the route and experience how the early Indonesians of 8th century would have traveled with a ship like that. So, with sponsors to his idea, he built a replica of that ship and was named "Samudraraksa" meaning "Sea Guard."

The Expedition of The Cinnamon Route was officially inaugurated by the former President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mrs. Megawati Sukarnoputri on August 15, 2003 in Marina Beach, Ancol, Jakarta. This Expedition traced the Cinnamon Route from Jakarta through Madagascar, Cape Town continued to West Coast, Africa and ended in Ghana on December 2003.

After carrying out the expedition of The Cinnamon Route of Africa 2003 successfully, the ship was sent back to Indonesia in several pieces in order to transport it easily, and rebuilt once reaching Indonesia and kept in the Samudraraksa ship museum, located in the complex of Borobudur Temple.

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