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Mail Ship S.S.Hindosthan

Date of Issue: December 15, 1997
Scott #: 1657C

She was launched on April 26, 1842 under the name Hindosthan, named after the Mohammedan name for the Mogul empire of Northern India, which was later generally adopted for the whole sub-continent. This is the first wooden paddle steamship specifically designed for the Indian mail service, from Calcutta to Suez and had a speed of 11 knots.

During her maiden voyage on September 24, 1842 from Southampton, she was given a tremendous send-off, for every ship in the port and roadstead was dressed with flags, and the warships manned their yards as she passed.

She sailed via Gibraltar, St. Vincent and Ascension to Cape Town, before arriving in Cape Town, she ran out of coal and made a call at St. Helena Bay and a message was sent overland to arrange coal. A local schooner was sent out with coal to her assistance.

On November 15, she arrived at Cape Town. After sailing from Cape Town she made calls at Mauritius and Point de Galle, Ceylon before arriving in Calcutta. Then used in the regular mail service between Calcutta, Madras, Ceylon, Aden and Suez. It also carried passengers from Calcutta to Suez and the fare being £40.

She was not always used in this service she visited at least two times the UK in her lifetime.

On June 16, 1849 she was visited by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Osborne in the Solent, Isle of Wight.


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