Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Expedition of Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira Bicentennial

Date of Issue: May 09, 1992
Scott #: 2379

LUBRAPEX - An international philatelic exhibition for collectors of Portugal and other Portuguese speaking countries. The first Lubrapex meeting was conducted in the year 1966.

This souvenir sheet was issued for the purpose of 14th Lubrapex held on Lisbon, Portugal during May 09 - May 17, 1992, and also to commemorate 200th Anniversary of the Expedition of Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira, a naturalist, in Brazil.

Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira was a Brazilian naturalist. He undertook an extensive journey which crossed the interior of the Amazon Basin to Mato Grosso, between 1783 and 1792.

Queen Maria I of Portugal, desiring to know more about the central and north of the Brazilian colony, which at that point remained practically unexplored, in order to implement developmental measures, ordered Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira, as a naturalist, to undertake a "philosophical voyage through the captaincies of Grão-Pará, Rio Negro, Mato Grosso e Cuiabá." The idea was to provide an impetus for economic exploration and enable conquest of disputed territory.

His was the most important voyage of discovery in Brazil during the colonial period.

Source: wikipedia

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