Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Navigators - 1992 Commemorative Issue New Zealand

Date of Issue: March 12, 1992
Scott #: 1089 - 1092

This set of four stamps are issued to commemorate 500th anniversary of discovery of America by Columbus as well as 350th anniversary of sighting of New Zealand by Abel Tasman.

Details given on the back of the FDC - The Navigators - In small, wooden sailing boats, European navigators explored the world's oceans using only the stars as a guide. During the long months at sea, food shortages, illness, mutinies, and battles took their toll on officers and crew alike. Despite such handicaps, seafaring explorers charted the oceans, discovering new lands, and opening up valuable trade routes.

The navigators stamp issue commemorates the sighting of New Zealand by Abel Tasman in 1642 and the sighting of the America by Christopher Columbus in 1492. The stamps depict Tasman's two ships, the flagship Heemskerck and the Zeehaen, and Columbus' three ships - the Santa Maria, captained by Columbus, the pinta, and the Nina.

The stamps and first day cover were designed by Geoff Fuller of Havelock North.

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