Sunday, October 11, 2009

ORP Piorun (G65) and ORP Piorun (422)

Date of Issue: January 04, 1999
Scott #: 3434a

This set of stamps were issued to commemorate 80 years of Polish Navy. 1918 - 1998

The ship in the first stamp is ORP Piorun (G65), an N class destroyer used by the Polish Navy during the Second World War. The name is Polish for "Thunderbolt". Initially commissioned into the Royal Navy as HMS Nerissa, she was later transferred to the Polish Navy in 1942 as a replacement for the destroyer ORP Grom. She was returned to the Royal Navy in 1946, as HMS Noble and scrapped in 1955.

The second stamp shows ORP Piorun (422), commissioned on March 11, 1994, a small missile ship, one of the three vessels of the "Orkan" type used by the Polish navy.

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  1. ORP Piorun took very important part in the hunt for Bismark during IIWW.


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