Saturday, January 29, 2011

Postcard #1 from Egypt, solar barge

This postcard was posted at Cairo, Egypt by my friend, Laura Termes during her vacation to the Valley of the Kings.

These figures/drawings are found on the wall inside the tomb of King Tutankhamun (Tut-ankh-amon). The painting/drawing of entire wall can be seen at the image on right. (Courtesy:

The tomb of King Tut contained breathtaking treasures but it also contained some wonderful tomb paintings and scenes. Each wall of the tomb has a specific theme. The East Wall depicts the Funeral Procession, the West Wall contains text from the Amduat, the South Wall depicts his arrival in the Underworld and the North Wall of the tomb shows the arrival of Tutankhamun in the Afterlife.

The painting on card is from the West Wall - Text from the Amudat.
* Images of 12 baboons are depicted which are representative of the 12 hours of the night.
* There are also images of the solar barque (a mythological representation of the sun riding in a boat) and Tutankhamun in the image of Osiris.

Source:,, wikipedia

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