Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ships on Banknotes #12 - Greece 50 Drachma

Issued By: Bank of Greece
First Issued: October 01, 1964
Issued Period: 1964 - 1970

Added this banknote recently to my collection. The condition of the note is poor, should replace this when I get a better quality note.

At the bottom, on front side, is seen a traditional Greek Galley with pointed bow. On the back is a scene depicting building of ships at a shipyard. Greece is a maritime nation by tradition, as shipping is arguably the oldest form of occupation of the Greeks and has been a key element of Greek economic activity since ancient times, as the mountainous landscape of the mainland, the limited farming area and the extended coastline of Greece led people to occupy with shipping.

Click here to see more banknotes with ships in my collection.

Source: Wikipedia, Krause Standard Catalog of World Paper Money

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