Monday, February 14, 2011

Card #10 from U.S.A.

One more card received today from Natalie, showing Jonathan Hulls' Steamboat. On the reverse, has matching steamship stamps. A nice thematic card, I could say, with matching stamps. Think I should have a separate album to keep these wonderful postcards from Natalie alone. printed on reverse of the card -
Jonathan Hulls' Steamboat (1737) - The first patent on record to propel a vessel by steam was that of Jonathan Hulls, who published a pamphlet in 1737, seventy years before Fulton's "Clermont," describing it as a means of towing vessels out of the harbor against tides and winds. This is the first suggestion of a paddle-wheel driven by steam power and the idea of placing the wheel in the stern occurred to the inventor through observation of water fowl, ducks, and geese, that pushed their webbed feet behind them.

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