Thursday, February 10, 2011

Card #8 from U.S.A.

My friend, Natalie sent me this beautiful vintage postcard of early steam driven sternwheeler which were once busy in the Columbis River in the U.S.  The address side is decorated with matching steam ship stamps. The vessels on the card are "Bailey Gatzert" and "Dalles City."

Columbia River: Columbia river is one of the largest rivers in the west side of America. Its estimated length is 1400 miles. The river is broken by falls and rapids into many separate portions, and the ingress and egress are embraced by a surf eaten bar, still it is open to steamboat navigation from its mouth to the Cascade. About 160 miles along the river are located some of the largest salmon canneries in the world.

Bailey Gatzert (left side in card): The Bailey Gatzert was a famous sternwheel steamboat that ran on the Columbia River and Puget Sound from the 1890s to the 1920s. She was named after Bailey Gatzert, an early businessman and mayor of Seattle.

Dalles City (right side in card):  "Dalles City" was built at Portland in 1891 and rebuilt in 1909.

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