Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Card #5 from U.S.A.

Received this postcard from Ms. Carolynne, U.S.A. through postcrossing.

The battleship depicted in this card is the German destroyer Molders (D 186).  Mölders was a guided missile destroyer of the Bundesmarine (West German Navy) and later the Deutsche Marine (Navy of reunited Germany). It was the second ship of the Lütjens class, a modification of the Charles F. Adams class.

Mölders was commissioned on February 23, 1969 into the 1. Zerstörergeschwader (first destroyer squadron) based in Kiel. During her 33 years in commission, 14000 sailors served on her under 16 commanders, and she traveled 675,054.6 nautical miles. The Mölders was decommissioned May 28, 2003 in Wilhelmshaven.

Mölders was preserved and is now on display as museum ship in Wilhelmshaven (Marine museum).

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