Monday, July 26, 2010

Royal Barge, Burma

Date of Issue: October 01, 1947
Scott: 76
Overprint in black in Burmese characters refer to "Interim Government"

The Royal Barge which is depicted in this stamp is the Pyi-Gyi-Mon Royal Barge. The Pyi-Gyi-Mon (the literal translation of which means the "Great Noble Country") is a ceremonial boat intended exclusively as conveyance for the king and king alone. He is accompanied only by his aide-de-camp, a ranking general, and a detail of security guards. Even his chief queen is not permitted to travel along with him. When two of these boats are conjoined then they form the Pyi-Gyi-Mon Royal Barge.

This royal barge used by the ancient Myanmar kings is entirely gilded and literally glitters with gold and has an enormous open and airy chamber with a soaring seven-tiered Zeytawun roof. The chamber is indeed palatial and occupies most of the space on deck. There are four white umbrellas, one in each corner of the chamber. The white umbrella is the symbol of sovereignty and only a sovereign is entitled to use it. Thus the four white umbrellas of the Pyi Gyi Mon indicate that it is indeed the sovereign barge. This huge barge is tugged by eight golden " Letpyi" boats paddled by a full complement of oarsmen.



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