Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Card #3 from Japan

Received this card today from Japan through postcrossing user Ms. Miho Watanabe.

The card shows one of the world's largest passenger ship - Queen Elizabeth 2 or QE2 of Cunard lines in Yokohama port. Yokohama Bay Area is the new sight-seeing spot of Yokohama.

QE2 is the world’s most loved ocean liner. She spent 35 years as the Cunard flagship and has travelled over 5.6 million nautical miles, more than any other ship; has carried over 2.5 million guests; has completed 25 World Cruises; and has crossed the Atlantic 803 times. QE2 leaves the Cunard fleet in November 2008 to begin her new life in Dubai as a first class hotel and entertainment destination.

Source: cunard.com

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