Sunday, July 5, 2009

HMS Swallow (1767)

Date of Issue: August 14, 1988
Scott #: 298
Artist: Ernest Nisbet

One of the 12 stamps set (seventh definitive issues) issued under the series - Visiting Ships.

So far, 32 ships were named Swallow in the Royal Navy.

This is a sloop, whose crew, commanded by Captain Philip Carteret, discovered the Pitcairn Islands on July 03, 1767.

Carteret, who sailed without the newly invented accurate marine chronometer, charted the island at 25° 2’ south and 133° 21’ west of Greenwich, but although the latitude was reasonably accurate the longitude was incorrect by about 3°. This made Pitcairn difficult to find, as highlighted by the failure of Captain James Cook to locate the island in July 1773.

Source: Scott catalogue and wikipedia

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