Sunday, July 5, 2009

HMS Pandora (1791)

Date of Issue: August 14, 1988
Scott #: 299
Artist: Ernest Nisbet

One of the 12 stamps set (seventh definitive issues) issued under the series - Visiting Ships.

HMS Pandora was a 24-gun Sixth Rate Porcupine class frigate of the Royal Navy, launched on 17 May 1779.

She was best known as the ship sent in 1790 to search for the Bounty and the mutineers who had taken her. She was wrecked on the return voyage in 1791.

Ducie Island (470 km from Pitcairn) was rediscovered in 1791 by the British Captain Edwards aboard HMS Pandora and named after Francis, Lord Ducie, a captain in the Royal Navy.

Source: scott catalogue,, and wikipedia

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